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Kilmovee Info is your website, helping to spread the word about what’s on & happening in Kilmovee and surrounding areas.

Last year saw record numbers of visitors to the site, and this year is already very positive. January is normally a quieter month, with an average of 3k visitors but this year we achieved almost 8,000!!!

Due in part to the photos from the highly successful Furey’s concert and the launch of the Calendar Photo Competition.

However, there was less news than normally received by community groups over the past month. Due to work and personal commitments, I am unable to spend as much time sourcing news from social media about your events, news and information.

We are FREE to local groups to use and all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] or use the contact page to send your news, info or anything you want to share.

Also, we now have WhatsApp, so you can now send photos and a quick write up while attending events or other news & information, our number is 083 825 0247 add us to your contacts. (unfortunately, we can not take calls on that number)

News like this will make it to our Facebook page a lot faster…

Keep your members existing and potential informed, tell the world about your event. Reaching thousands of visitors a month could be expensive, with Kilmovee Info it’s priceless.

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I established Kilmovee Info in 2009 which has now become the #1 point of contact for many community groups & clubs from the Parish. Along with news & information about whats happening Kilmovee Info attends events and publishes photos here and across our social media. #kilmovee

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