I received an email from a user of Kilmovee Info yesterday asking if a full screen “upgrade” notice was genuine… It is. Microsoft have made no secret that it wants people to upgrade to Windows 10, having used many different ways – some less pleasing than others – as a way to convince you.

Now there is only three weeks left until the free upgrades end so they have taken to full screen notices. The reminder doesn’t appear if you have selected the option ‘Do not notify me again’, your PC is incompatible with Windows 10, you’ve uninstalled it, or you have hidden or disabled the upgrade.

The upgrade is free for those using Windows 7 or 8.1 but after 29 July, the upgrade will cost €135.

The notice (above) says the following:

Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10 – the most secure Windows ever built. The upgrade is free and you can easily roll-back to your current operating system within 31 days if you decide Windows 10 is not right for you. We’ll check for compatibility before starting the upgrade

Have seen this yet? Did it worry you? Are you already running Windows 10?