So, you might have noticed that Kilmovee Info has changed… I am going to set out why to clarify any confusion and my reason for this radical change.

Firstly, the site will remain free to all users, there is an option that is paid for those of you who would like to support me in funding the site this will cost €5 a month, but you can cancel or revert to the free membership at any point without any hassle or questions asked.

So why is the site requiring membership?

The main reason is really simple, I have run the site for over 9 years, travelling to events, time at events, taking photos, sorting photos, writing articles, maintaining the site all voluntarily. This takes a lot of time and effort, and it’s no secret the photos are always very popular, the site really comes alive when I post pictures.

Now for the reason for asking you to sign up, this will allow you to interact with photos such as comment, share and like them within the site.

It will also allow you to develop a ‘Community’ of your own, whether as an individual or as a group leader/organiser by posting to your timeline (just like Twitter or Facebook) or setting up a page and inviting people to interact with your news.

And, you can also post directly to the main site (subject to approval), upload your own pictures and so much more…

This is a way to free up some of the hours that I spend on the site & a way to get you involved with your community website.

Is it safe to register?

Yes, the site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. You can check out if the site is secure by looking at the address bar you will see a padlock this could be green or  depending on your chosen browser.

What details are on show?

You can choose the information you display to registered members, by visiting the ‘About’ section in your profile. By default, all members profiles are hidden from non-registered guests.

Is the site GDPR compliant?

It is, I have done everything in my power to ensure the data is safe and that everything is transparent. You can even access your data by visiting the ‘Preferences’ section of your profile and submit a GDPR request.

Why register, I can see everything already?

You can see the news, info and bulletins but you won’t see the photos or videos from events.

Am I denying anyone the right to see photos?

No, on the contrary, I am encouraging you to actually get involved more than just looking.  You can even share your photos here too.

Do I have to live in Kilmovee to join?

No, but some connection with the parish would be good.

Does it cost me to register?

No, the site is FREE. There is a paid option if you would like to assist with costs.

I have run Kilmovee Info on my own, I set this up as part of the Community Council in 2009, not one organisation has a say in how the site is run to ensure neutrality, this will remain this way as will the non-political aspect of the site.

Organisations within the community have made and continue to make donations towards the costs, and for that I am grateful. Some organisations/clubs and events use the site more than others (but I’m sure you’ve already noticed that) but, that really isn’t an issue, although it would be great if all got involved.

I hope this has answered some concerns, I hope that you will now register and start building your community or circle of friends and get involved. Remember it’s FREE to register, just remember to click the validation email that will be sent when you register (if you can’t find it check your spam or junk mailbox, sometimes it may get delivered there) otherwise you won’t have full access.

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