Update From Santa Claus


Kilmovee Info is pleased to announce that we have had an update from Santa this evening.

Bernard is Santa’s Chief Elf and has given us a short interview this evening, he told us the estimated time of arrival in Kilmovee this year, along with some advice and news.

“Santa hopes to be delivering presents to the boys & girls in Kilmovee, Urlaur, Glann and Kilkelly in Mayo between 1am and 1.15am on Christmas Day Morning, but this depends on a number of factors – the weather and that all the boys & girls are tucked up and asleep in bed”

Bernard then told us the great news “Santa has checked the naughty & nice list twice and is very pleased to say that all the boys & girls in the parish of Kilmovee have been very good this year.”

We asked Bernard if the reindeers are all ready for the big task on the 24th December “Santa will be using all the reindeer this year, their training has gone well so the sleigh will be powered by DasherDancerPrancerVixenCometCupidDonnerBlitzen & Rudolph leading the way.

The Sleigh is in great shape too, with Chief Elf Mechanic Alabaster Evergreen reporting that the “Sleigh is fully functional, newly painted and ready to load.”

“Don’t forget to leave out the reindeer food in the garden after 6pm or a carrot or two along with a mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa” Bernard reminded us.

“Santa enjoyed his visit to Kilkelly & Kilmovee earlier this month and is really please that Kilmovee will be tracking him on Christmas Eve” Bernard said, “but all the boys & girls must go to bed early because weather and wind patterns change sometimes which means we may have to change the route and Santa cannot deliver if the children are awake.” We asked what happens if Santa cannot deliver as scheduled “He’ll pass by to next area, leaving a special Elf to monitor when everyone’s asleep, returning only when ALL the children are asleep”

Kilmovee Info would like to thank Benard for his time this evening and we’d like to remind you all that we’ll have a special page available from 8am on Christmas Eve where you will be able to track Santa, keep an eye on our Facebook page or twitter for more details.

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