The wait is almost over for children all over the world as I get ready and do final checks ahead of my big annual journey.

International aircraft have even been warned to steer clear of the North Pole, I will also inform local airspace just before I enter that countries airspace as I dash around the world at almost the speed of light.

You can track my progress right here on Kilmovee Info through the day (See here for information about my sleigh & to use the tracker below), as I leave my top-secret toy factory in the North Pole, as I make my way to Kilmovee, Urlaur, Glann & Kilkelly and all the boys & girls around the world.

Check back regularly to see just how we’re getting on.

Don’t forget to be in bed early and fast asleep & leave a little treat out for the reindeer. I hope to be in Kilmovee around 12.30am.

(with with help of The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD))