Editors Blog: Ticket Touts Need to Be Dealt With


I like thousands of genuine U2 fans were left extremely disappointed as Irish dates for their upcoming tour sold out within minutes.

Not only the general sale, but the pre-sell sold out in minutes… for all four dates.

However, I could go on to a secondary site and purchase tickets for Belfast, London and other performance dates for up to €590 each!

One site SeatWave (although I haven’t yet seen Dublin dates on it) they were selling other dates including Belfast for up to €565, the company is part of Ticketmaster.

Even though tickets were limited to 2 per person on pre-sell and 4 on general sale, this still hasn’t prevented people cashing in…

This is becoming an epidemic and is costing genuine  fans the chance  to see their favourite artists, so much so that Ed Sheeran announced that he would recall 10,000 tickets that were up for sale on an unofficial ticketing site for inflated prices, and put them back up for sale on his own website for the original sale price.

While there is a responsibility by acts to ensure their tickets don’t get into the hands of scalpers, there is a bigger responsibility on ticket companies such as Ticketmaster to halt re-sale for extortionate rates.

This can be done a number of ways:

  • A name of attendee on the ticket, with proof on entry.
  • Entry via electronic ticket, activated by credit/debit card used to purchase
  • Registration & PIN code access
  • Photo ID
  • A law that states ticket re-sale can not exceed 10% of face value

These are all possible by way of technology advancements, genuine fans won’t mind the few seconds delay at entry. I suppose there is another way too, the acts such as U2 take control of their own sales giving access to tickets to their fans first on their own website, they know the numbers of registered fans, the money they save from paying a third party could be used to assist in developing such a site.

It is really down to the lawmakers, our TD’s to step in and now allow big organizations to ‘scalp’ their own tickets and stop the practice of ticket hoarding.

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