Summer is here! Yes really…

But, with summer comes holiday’s and I’m off on mine this August.

There has been a whole load of activities held in and around Kilmovee already this year and there’s still lot’s to come in the second half of the year.

Any articles or news for publishing will need to be sent by the 17th August 2017, as there will be no updates on Kilmovee Info or emails answered from the 18th August – 3rd September.

Kilmovee Info will remain online, so if you missed anything you’ll be able to search for it, I will set up a number of scheduled posts on our social media channels, but these too will be un-monitored.

I will also be turning off the messaging on Facebook for the duration.

The ‘missing’ parish bulletins will be available on Kilmovee Info when I return.

There is still a few activities I will be attending over the coming weeks including the Kilkelly Heritage Day & Urlaur Pattern with camera in hand, these will be published on Kilmovee Info.

So a reminder please send your information and articles for events or activities happening between 18th August & 5th September before the 17th August to reach 100’s of people a day.

Use the handy buttons below:


Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Thank you for your support and making 2017 a record breaking year already!