Soccer has had a rich history in the parish of Kilmovee

Over the years Urlaur United provided soccer or association football for almost 30 years.

This ceased a couple of years ago for one reason or another, and at this point is not important why, no one is pointing fingers or apportioning blame and this is not about that either!

This past week saw the success of the 2nd annual Soccer Academy on Kilmovee Astroturf and the recent selection of young players from the parish to play at regional & national level indicates there is still a desire.

The question is; Who will form or resurrect soccer in a fully formed & accountable way?

With a full committee and long term plan for survival…  Funding/fundraising for the purchase/lease of land… committing to coaching… and all that goes with a football/soccer club.

There is an email to volunteer time and experience, this email will not be checked regularly and you may not receive an answer or acknowledgement until end of September/October and there will not be another appeal for this.

If there is the will, support and commitment a public meeting will be held in October / November 2017.

The direction and all other details will be discussed at this meeting. There is no hidden agenda nor has any work been done on this, it is purely an idea at this point.

If you want a soccer revival in the parish it’s up to you!

Who/what are we looking for:

  • People with a passion to revive soccer in the parish
  • Businesses who would get behind this
  • Land owners who may have land that could be bought, leased long term or put into a trust
  • Families who would like to play soccer: Boy’s, Girl’s, Mum’s, Dad’s, Aunties or Uncles
  • Former players / coaches / managers etc.

Are you any any of the above? Or do you have something you can offer to assist? Email today (please be aware you may not get an answer to your offer of help until October)

If you want a soccer revival in the parish it’s up to you!