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Share Your Talents…

Do you like to talk, sing, tell jokes, play music?

I’d love to hear… More importantly, I’d love to share it on Kilmovee Info.

It would be great to have a monthly podcast for visitors to the site… Send a 2-minute clip to [email protected] before 15th Sept. #KilmoveePodcast

Or you can use the form below:

  • I confirm that I am the owner of the audio recordings and that it can be used should it be chosen for the Podcast, without a fee. All audio recordings whether successfully chosen for Podcast or not can be used by Kilmovee Community Centre &/or Kilmovee Info for the purposes of promoting Kilmovee. Any under 13 year olds entering must enclose parents name & number as well as entrants.
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I established Kilmovee Info in 2009 which has now become the #1 point of contact for many community groups & clubs from the Parish. Along with news & information about whats happening Kilmovee Info attends events and publishes photos here and across our social media. #kilmovee