Thank you for all the entries/shares and likes in the Seán Keane Competition, this was one of Kilmovee Info FB’s most popular post!

It was so popular that we had to extend it for our friends on Twitter & Linkdin too…

All entries that Liked our page, followed us on Twitter or Linkdin, shared/retweeted & liked the picture were shortlisted and given a number and an independent person was given the choice of 1 – 194.

I will tag the winner on FB page shortly…

The winner of the competition is…

I’ll keep you waiting just a little longer, while I let you know to celebrate the popularity of the competition, anyone who books tickets online this weekend (Friday 27th January Pm – Sunday 29th January PM) will automatically get RESERVED seats towards the front!

Here’s a handy link to the safe & secure booking page.

[kleo_button title=”BOOK NOW” href=”” style=”default” size=”large” ]

(Your credit card details don’t even hit our servers…all processed by Stripe)

And the winner is Ann Marie Hogan, Congratulations. Please PM us on Facebook to confirm. We look forward to seeing you in Kilmovee on Friday 15th March.

(Kilmovee Community Centre are still waiting on the arrival of the tickets which will be dispatched as soon as they arrive, a notice will be posted to FB pages for those of you that are collecting)