Please Assist Us

Updated 4th April 2016


Hi folks, I urgently need your help. As you’re aware Kilmovee Info carries lots of news, information and events that are on in and around the parish of Kilmovee (and neighbouring areas) and a huge aspect of the site is the photos, which are always free to access, download and share.

However, as you may have seen at the Kilmovee 10k I suffered a malfunction to the camera (see here Photos: Race Day – Part 1) and had to resort to ‘plan B’ luckily I had another lens to fall back on and the coverage continued. But, I am sure that the reliability is only temporary as I have been unable to sort the initial problem… and believe me I’ve spent hours watching video tutorials on Youtube and reading article after article to find a solution. 🙁 (If I had any hair I’m sure I’d be pulling it out by now.)

I am putting out a request to help raise funds for a new camera primarily and also to start raising funds to renew our hosting due at end of May. I have set up a quick donation form which is secure and safe to use and the payment processor is (I have no access to card details), by using this form I keep costs to a minimum and reduce fees by almost 5% meaning more of your donation assists 🙂 (I have set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page too link below the internal form)

Thank you in advance for your continued support and assistance.

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Update 4th April: I am hoping to raise in the region of €1000 to cover the costs as set out below here is a breakdown of item costs:

I am looking to replace my camera with a Canon 650D (or similar) with a cost of between €450 – €600 depending on success of fund raising will depend on age of camera and the ability to purchase new lenses too.

Hosting costs which are currently €269 every 6 months  (€538 per year)

So if I can reach target above I have 2 options:

1: Ringfence the €538 for hosting (2x 6 months) which will leave €462 to find replacement camera


2: Find a camera within €450 – €600  price range, pay the next 6 months hosting €269 and ringfence the rest for hosting and rely on contributions as needed for hosting towards end of 2016.

I am hoping the above target will  be reached before the end of April (no later than mid-May)