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Photos: Winter Lecture Series – Kilcashel

Geophysics Lecturer at IT Sligo, director of Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics Dr James Bonsall presented his non-evasive archaeological findings to date from the townland of Kilcashel, Kilmovee last night as part of the Kilmovee Winter Lecture Series.

In a thoroughly interesting presentation that saw us all learning about our beautiful landmark and the ten recorded archaeological sites known for the Kilcashel Landscape Project study area:

  • a Bronze Age fulachta fiadh (a cooking site, made up today by a mound of burnt stones)
  • an undated enclosure (substantially destroyed in the 20th century)
  • three Early Medieval cashels (circular Stone Forts)
  • a bullaun stone (a large boulder with a smooth cup cut into it)
  • two Early Medieval souterrains (man-made underground chambers)
  • two Early Medieval house sites

Nine more archaeological sites are located within a 1km radius of Kilcashel and a further 40 more within a 2km radius. Several archaeological features have already been identified by the Kilcashel Landscape Project by examining early maps – these show that Kilcashel underwent significant landscape changes during the mid-19th century as scrub was cleared, bog was drained and the land sub-divided into small, regular field-systems, with boundaries comprised of local stone quarried from rock outcrops or picked up as loose field stones.

Dr Bonsall is also interested in people’s use or experience or memories of the archaeology of Kilcashel townland – the cashels that are no longer there, Father Henry’s Fort and any other memories of buildings or archaeology. This information could feed into Dr Bonsall’s Database of Archaeology in Kilcashel townland and can include stories and folklore as well, he can be contacted Email: [email protected] Tel: (+353) 087 242 7846

We hope to have news of the next lectures when they re-start in the New Year.


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