Photos: #Spin4Keith – Social & A Few Stats


Covering 170+ Kilometers in 5 hours takes it’s toll, have a look at some stats provided by Jerry then continue scrolling to see photos from the Social in Four Ways.

To bring the challenge home it took 52,142 pedal strokes which was more than our estimation as Jerry spun a much faster cadance than he had initially estimated with an average RPM of 87 for the 4 hrs 58 min & 40 seconds.

It took 42,800 heartbeats with an average heart rate of 144bpm which was much lover than expected as we were blessed with weather which was a perfect balance between Marrey Bikes Gazebo not blowing away & keeping Jerry cooler than we expected.

Jerry is adamant if the wind was not as strong and the day so cool (as most people were actually wearing jackets & drinking coffee & tea that was supplied by our many volunteers in conjunction with the brilliant staff at Towey Topaz) the challenge would have been lost.

The second part of the A Spin and A Tune for Keith, was the tune(s) in Duffy’s Four Ways. Provided by Johnny Towey and the Towey Family, along with some special guests and some dancing… Food was laid on and a raffle was held.. Once again thank you for your tremendous support!

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On Friday 30th June Irish Para Cyclist Jerry Towey covered 176Km in 4 Hours 59 minutes! Some Achievement!! 

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