Kilmovee 10k

Photos: Kilmovee 10k 2017 – Finish Line & Hospitality

In the penultimate album you’ll find some more from the finish line & the legendary hospitality.

You all make the #kilmovee10k special along with great weather and the super volunteers whether its signing in / signing up, at the start line, around the course, at the finish line or in the hall afterwards for a cuppa & bite to eat, thank you.

A big thanks to all the sponsors too,  a full list will be published & thanked properly in due course.

And once again a massive thanks to everyone who contributed to the massive spread in the hall, many hours of effort were put in, making sandwiches, baking cakes, buttering scones & making tea & coffees.

Still to come the presentations…

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Photos: Kilmovee 10k Finish Line – Big Post

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