Kilmovee Play Ground


A committee has come together to explore the possibility of developing a playground in Kilmovee, Co. Mayo.  

The committee would like to hear the views of parents including your suggestions and ideas to improve the overall planning of the playground.  

In order to ensure that parents’ views are heard including residents of the locality where the proposed development is planned, we would like to invite you to attend a public consultation session where this will be discussed, there will also be an opportunity for the facilitator (Irene Cafferky) to meet parents on a one to one basis on this date so let us know if you would like a private meeting and we can accommodate that also.  As a parent/local resident, your views are very important and we hope you will be able to participate. During the consultation, your views will be looked for and these views will help the committee who are developing the playground application to make decisions and prioritise areas that may need to be developed or strengthened. Your name will not be recorded or used in any report that is written afterwards. If you are interested in having a playground in Kilmovee you are invited to attend our public consultation:

Date: Sunday 9th June   Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm Venue: Kilmovee Community Centre, Kilmovee, Co. Mayo

If you are interested in taking part or you would like to get more information you can contact facilitator Irene Cafferky by email: or by phone at 086 6039606.  

John Mc Cann 087 1335398 or Committee member Sandra Hunt 087 7938857 can also be contacted.

The Committee want to take this opportunity to thank you as a parent in advance for your support in assisting us to further develop services for children in our locality.

Kind regards, Kilmovee Playground Committee

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