During the Baptismal ceremony, just after the child or adult is baptized, the priest or deacon says a prayer of blessing over his or her ears and mouth.

It is called the Ephphatha Prayer, coming from this weekend’s Gospel passage where Jesus restores hearing to a man who is deaf. The miracle is accompanied by the word “Ephphatha” which translates to: “Be opened”.

It is a moment of healing for the man but a call to all of us, who encounter Jesus to be “opened” to His word and guidance. The closed ear is unable to welcome God’s message, so too the closed mind or heart.

We are living in a time when there is a great need for openness in our dealings with people and our living of the Faith. Open to the many challenges and opportunities presented to us in the day to day living of life. Open to change, open to challenge, open to forgiveness and open to life.

Ephphatha – be opened!

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