Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 8th April


Doubt is defined as “A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction” and neither is helpful to us in our quest for faith.

Yet doubt has its place in faith for, if we know something “beyond doubt” we no longer need to believe or have faith. Our relationship with God and with one another in many ways is not rooted in certainty but in a trust that what we have been told, what we are led to believe, is true.

Doubt then can be a healthy aspect of our faith since it leaves us open to the possibility that we do not have all the answers or know for certain what we are called to believe in. Thomas’ doubt on this Second Sunday of Easter is a timely reminder that we are all prone to doubt. If we didn’t care enough to doubt, chances are we might not care enough to believe.

So when Jesus tells Thomas that he believes because he can see and blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe, he is – it could be argued – calling us to a place where doubt is possible but where questions are answered and faith is deepened.

Doubt (no longer) but believe!

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