Let us see our reflection in the waters of the font. For most of us, that would be the reflection of a baby, full of promise and empty of all bitterness or mistrust.

A baby reaching out to be picked up, drawn close and loved. In that reflection, we see the best possible version of ourselves – one bringing joy to those around us and open to life, innocent in the very best and most meaningful sense of the word and totally at one with God.

Let us reflect on our parents. Those who sought to bring us into contact with God and His Church. The very ones who shaped our lives, looked forward to our arrival and, through the years, made countless sacrifices in our name. In that reflection, let us see again the need to be grateful, respectful and loving. Perhaps things didn’t quite go as planned for some of our parents but they “had our backs”, watched out for us and did what they could to give us a good start and a sense of purpose in life. Reflect too on where we are now as baptized people. When people speak of “the church”, all too often they speak of and think about bishops and priests. All the while, we are told that all of us, every baptized man, woman and child is “The Church”.

Do we really take that to heart? Do we give ourselves time to ponder on what this means and the difference it would undoubtedly make if all of us played a central part – our central part – in “being” church.

There’s a fair bit to reflect on when we begin to reflect ….. Take a few minutes today!

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