Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 6th May


Some years ago, when visiting a Religious Sister from home who works in the United States, I noticed this picture on her wall.

I had never seen it before and when I asked about it she said it was called “Our Lady of The Millennium”. Later she sent me a copy of it that I have over the fireplace in my house.

I like it. Mary appears to be pregnant in the image and is waiting for the birth of her child. You wonder is she alone or is there someone with her, out of sight? She is certainly in a place of reflection and you can only begin to imagine the thoughts that are running through her mind.

The window, without blinds, seems to invite the world in just as it invites her to look to the Heavens for inspiration. The lamp in front of her at once gives light and heat and draws her towards both in the reassurance that she is not alone. Gabriel is not to be seen. Neither is Joseph but we know that both have been part of her story and that neither has abandoned her.

She knows that too, even if she has her questions. It seems as if there’s a realisation set in that all of this is in God’s hands and the He will unfold and reveal His plan.

There is no doubt that she is in a place of reflection. We must find that place.

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