Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 5th August

This weekend, we will be joined by many from the parish and beyond who will come to celebrate Mass in memory of the deceased of the parish.

In Naomh Mobhí, Urlaur, Culmore and later in St Patrick’s cemeteries, we will gather to offer a prayer of remembrance and, in gratitude, for those gone before us.

There is something very special and sacred about these Masses and it is hugely important to people to attend. Many travel long distances to be with us and this speaks well of us as people of faith, since it is “in faith” we come to moments like this.

Faith in God’s love for all people and the protection he offers those who have died. There is a strong sense of connection between the living and the dead at moments like these.

It’s as it should be. So welcome to all who join us this weekend and welcome also to the local parishioners who stand in solidarity with one another and in remembrance of all loved ones of all ages and times who have been called into eternity.

May all, for whom we pray over these days, continue to intercede for us in the glory of God’s Kingdom fully revealed.

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