In the midst of many funny messages received in recent days around #BeastFromTheEast, I got this one and it made me think as well as smile.

It was posing the question along these lines: “When people are given weather warnings, they listen and prepare but when people speak about the coming of Jesus and repentance, nobody seems to respond or act – why?” It too, was intended to be funny and, to that end, was successful but there’s a thought in there somewhere.

Why are we so slow to hear the Lenten Call to repentance? Why are we so slow or maybe reluctant, to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

Interestingly I was less inclined towards hitting “forward” on that one too. Again, why? If that message had a role to play in jogging our memories, awakening our consciousness around the true meaning of Lent, why would I be less likely to send it on to my friends than a video clip of a man clearing ice off the wrong car?

Why would an aeroplane dropping loaves of bread to those living in dread of “the beast”, be sent on without a second thought when this one stayed in my inbox? Why are we so reluctant to share images and stories around our faith?

During the week I met with parents of children in the parish – children preparing to celebrate their First Penance in the coming weeks. It was a good meeting and we shared a few thoughts around the Sacrament and what it means or could mean to us if we allowed it become part of our journey.

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