The phone rang and was answered immediately! The voice of the one answering was that of a very young child and the caller asked “May I speak with your father?”

“He’s busy right now”, was the response. “Your mother?” “She’s busy too!” “Is there anybody else there?” “The Police, some people from the fire brigade and a lot of our neighbours”.

“May I speak with one of them please?” “They’re all very busy”, the voice insisted. “Why are they so busy” the caller enquired “what are they all doing?”

“They’re looking for me”!!! It’s an old but nice story! You can imagine the child hidden away somewhere, whispering into the phone and thrilled that he’s the centre of attention, even if nobody knows where he is. It must be a good feeling though to know that so many people want to find you – are searching for you.

Of course there’s a real sadness around missing people that this story does not address. It’s about the innocence of a child, fascinated that he has become the centre of everyone’s attention.

The search for Jesus in today’s gospel is not a search for someone who is hiding but for someone who longs to be found. We’re all looking for him, in one way or another. Keep looking!

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