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Dear Parishioners,

As we begin the month of September the reality very much strikes home that Fr John has been transferred to a new appointment in the diocese. Later in the month, we will celebrate with him and express in a more formal way our gratitude for his ministry in our midst.

Facing the future, we ask God’s blessing on our parish and its people and the guidance of The Holy Spirit, that we may do our best to give glory to God and service to our neighbours. As mentioned before there is no desire to lessen services in the parish but it is almost certain we will need to make some changes, not least to times of Masses.

I will ask the daily Mass goers about this but am of the opinion that we would be better to have a set time for daily Mass. With that in mind, and by way of compromise, I’m suggesting we have our daily Masses, Monday to Friday at 9.30am (instead of the present 10am in Kilmovee and 9.00am in Kilkelly).

You will notice a change to the Parish Diary Section on the back of the bulletin. I’d hope this will give us a sense of Parish Masses during the week as distinct from Church areas. Whilst these areas remain central to our parish, the schedule shows the daily Mass (with intention where specified) and the location of that Mass.

With this in mind, we might move from church to church within the parish to be together for Eucharist. (It’s noteworthy I think that from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th there will be fourteen Masses celebrated in this parish). This is something we may well have to think about as we move forward.

Certainly on days when we have Funerals, I’d not see there been a morning Mass. If Masses have been arranged, I will do my best to contact families and re-arrange the intention for another day. I am hoping you understand the need for this and thank you for your co-operation.

There will be a meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council during the week and I see the role of that group coming more and more into its own at this time and as we look to the future. I’d like to think we all have a confidence around this parish and a shared desire to make it a place of worship, gathering and community at its very best.

God Bless you always

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