Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 30th December

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Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of another year and mark the Feast Day of The Holy Family, may I thank you, one and all for your kindness and support during the past twelve months. It has been the first full year as a “one priest” parish and you have helped in no small way to make that easier than it otherwise might have been. Your willingness to accept some of the changes we had to make, not least around Mass times and when and where Masses are celebrated, has been so encouraging and is very much appreciated.


Like all years we have had our good days and bad – the good associated with celebrations of life as in Baptism, Marriages, First Holy Communion Days and the joyful moments linked with sport, entertainment and gatherings. We have had our difficult days too, around sickness, deaths and funerals and, I would like to believe, that what all these times – good and bad, happy and sad, have in common is that we sought to journey through them together. That’s what parish life is about and remains the keystone of community living. As a parish, you may hold your heads high in the certain knowledge that you have been a support to one another at the crucial moments delivered to us, welcome or unwelcome, invited or un-invited throughout 2018.


I feel very much at ease here and am happy to call this parish my home. I wish I knew more of you better and despite many good intentions, there are so many of your homes I’ve never visited. That remains a hope for me, that I will call to visit many of you. I would like you to know that I am always happy to visit, should you have a need, want a home blessed, a celebration of some family event – whatever reason you might want me to come to and through your door, know that I am happy to do so.


I would like at this crossroads, between one year and the next to encourage you in the living of your faith and to reach out to those who might have stopped attending church for any reason. I am always happy to meet you, to hear your thoughts or concerns and to facilitate you, in any way I can to be connected with parish life.


Let us always, always look out for and pray for one another.


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