Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 2nd June


I met him in Rome. I was there to celebrate the Wedding of some friends and he was staying in the same hotel.

We got talking and he told me that he was there as well for a wedding – his daughter’s wedding. I asked how he was liking Rome. He told me he didn’t like it at all. He found it too hot, he didn’t like the food and wasn’t really enjoying the time. When I said he was doing the right thing by his daughter, he readily agreed and shared her happiness.

I asked if all the family had come to Rome for the wedding and he replied: “All but one, the youngest girl – she didn’t come because she’s afraid to fly.” When I said that was a pity, once again he agreed with me and then told me something that I’ve never forgotten. “I’m afraid to fly as well”, he said “and this is the first time I’ve ever flown.

To be honest, happy and all as I am for my daughter on her wedding, I’d not have come only for the youngest. I really came here for her.” I was a bit puzzled and clearly he noticed that. He went on to explain. “All my life, I’ve been afraid to fly and have never gone places that I’d like to have visited.

As I looked at her and heard her speak of her fear, I realised life could all too easily be the same for her. The main reason I flew was so that I can go back to my daughter and tell her there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

I admired that man so much and hope that his message got home to his daughter and that she has taken to the skies.

Maybe that’s why Jesus came and left – to let us know there’s no need to be afraid.



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