A few weeks ago I travelled to Derry with a classmate to attend the funeral of another classmate’s mother. May she rest in peace.

I enjoyed the journey, not least because I enjoy the company and chat though we don’t meet that often or communicate very much. He’s one of those people that you feel you were talking to five minutes ago, even though weeks or months might have passed since you met or spoke.

On the journey, we talked about different things and laughed too. I told him a story that I liked and then went to explain it to him. I didn’t get far into the explanation ….

Leave me with it”, he said, “I can join the dots”!!

Joining the dots! I hadn’t thought of that in years. Those little images we’d get as children and follow the dots until the picture was revealed. The dots had disappeared but the fullness of the intended image remained.

AN EASTER THOUGHT: As we continue the journey – let us “join the dots”, so that the fullness of the story may be revealed.

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