We have four churches in our parish and, thanks be to God, each one has a choir.

That makes such a difference. It is not easy to keep a choir going and people give so generously of their time that it can be difficult to sustain it throughout the year.

There’s an abundance of musical talent in the parish – talent in so many areas of singing and musical ability.

Is there room for a “PARISH YOUTH CHOIR” that might become involved in the life of the parish? Maybe we would work towards the occasional “Youth Mass” or Liturgy. It seems certain that there are people in the parish talented enough to be involved and to give leadership in this area.

Ideally, a group like this need not be linked with any one church in the parish but a combination of existing and new members from throughout the four areas of the parish who might be willing to sing and play so as to assist existing choirs or “give them a Sunday off” from time to time.

There’s no denying the power of music. Neither is there any denying the various tastes people have but there’s an abundance of Church Music available.

It seems to be the case that we just need to align a few musicians, singers and leaders with this music to explore possibilities around Youth Liturgy/Mass and participation.

Is there anyone out there willing to explore this? Anyone willing to lead or be part of a group that might talk and plan and put something meaningful in place?

What do YOU think?

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