The last Sunday of the Church’s year is dedicated to Christ The King.

It’s as if all we’ve been about through the Sundays, weekdays and Feast Days of our year have been collectively leading us to this moment when we acknowledge Christ as our “KING” – our leader and Guide.

He remains a people’s king – one who walked our paths, shared our joys and sorrows, spoke with and listened to us. Never at a remove and always accessible. His “palace” was, and remains, the home and heart where he is made welcome. His “throne”, the heart and mind open to his word.

Our King’s journey, for some, ended on the Cross of Calvary but for believers is an ongoing journey whose starting point, it could be said, is the rolled back stone of an empty tomb. “What matters are you discussing as you walk along?” the King asked two of his friends that very evening. Something prevented them from recognising him but, given time, recognition had its moment.

We do well to mark this day and to reflect, even a little, on what it means to have a King who is so much part of the day to day living of our lives. We need travel no further than our inmost thoughts to be in his presence. Our King awaits our arrival. Amen.

See the Fureys in Kilmovee

Legends of Irish music & song The FUREYS will perform their first concert in their 40th Anniversary year at Kilmovee Community Centre on Friday 5th January 2018.

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