Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 25th March

Dear Parishioners

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As we enter Holy Week, may we do so with a spirit of openness to hear again and be touched again by the words and liturgies that will be presented to us in the coming days.

Holy Week – beginning on Palm Sunday, takes us back to the events of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem and ultimately to his Passion, Death and Resurrection. We will hear words very familiar to us and see images that are deeply embedded in our faith, not least the “wood of the cross” and the empty tomb.

This year, our ceremonies will take us to different churches and while this might be something of a change and maybe even inconvenience, there is truth too in the reality that it gives us a fresh opportunity to travel the way. The events of that first “Holy Week” were not confined to any one place but took The Lord and his followers to an upper and borrowed room, to a garden and, from there to a courtyard and court room. After that came the Way of The Cross and the Hill of Calvary. Perhaps then in our moving between the churches of the parish and our Easter Sunday Masses we are, in a very real way, showing our willingness and desire to follow in his footsteps and, literally do so “in memory” of him, as he requested.

With the Pastoral Council and, mindful of our parish’s place in the story of the Universal Church, I invite you to join us for as many as possible and preferably all the Holy Week Ceremonies. Again, if there is a neighbour or family member that might have difficulty with travel, you could show yourself the Simon or Veronica this week by offering to “carry” them – to bring them with you as we pray and be together.

Let us enter this week with hope and in faith.


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