Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 25th December


So this is Christmas and what have we done?

It’s not a bad question and maybe one that needs a bit of time … As we come to the end of the year in the Parish we might well ask “What have we done?” It’s not easily answered of course and the initial response might be “not much” but then again …..

As a parish:

  • We celebrated new life in fifteen baptisms and spent time with families as they rejoiced. We shared the joy of new life and shared in the celebration of Baptism – “The Gateway To The Sacraments”.
  • We watched with twenty-four families who experienced the sadness of death and as a parish rallied around these people, helping in any way we could – ways that included directing traffic, parking cars, making tea, preparing graves, organising Liturgies, offering prayers and basically “being there”.
  • As a parish we stood with and prayed for eight boys and girls who prepared for and celebrated First Penance and First Holy Communion. This involved the parish at its very best – home, school and parish – in a combined effort of sharing the faith with a new generation. It also gathered the generations as parents, grandparents and relations came to celebrate together.
  • We celebrated Marriage on seven occasions during the year in the churches of our parish. Gathering for days like these brings out the love lived in family life and reminds us that when all is said and done our friends and family are the most important part of our lives.
  • We marked fifty-two Sundays by celebrating Mass in our four churches where the men, women and children of the parish join, as one, to praise God, seek guidance and “be faithful”.
  • We celebrated Mass every day in at least one of our churches (most days – two churches and some days, all four) and, in so doing, shared Eucharist and heard God’s word.
  • We visited the sick and prayed with and for them.

Do you know something? We’ve done a lot of good and there’s not better time than Christmas to realise that. It’s a time to be grateful and a time to be hopeful. Let’s be both!

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