Well done to all involved with the organisation of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Kilkelly.


It was a truly wonderful event and full credit to all involved. The people taking part were so good humoured and the atmosphere was exactly what you’d hope for with people just enjoying time together.


Thanks to the Gardaí who were so present and so involved, to those who provided emergency medical aid, to stewards, judges and those who did the commentary. Truly, it was a joy to be there.


Pope Francis deserves special mention. It was lovely to see him back for a while with us and to see him so relaxed!! Clearly he heard of our legendary sacristan and wanted to catch up with him too – even if the Pope’s transport was more humble!!


As for the man with the scythe … not a blade of grass to be seen!!


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We have the Kilmovee parish bulletin for you to download, it is in PDF format so you may need a reader such as Adobe (others available).