Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 24th February

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In recent weeks, I noticed a mention or two of a young man from the parish who was taking part in a World Darts Competition.


It was great to see a young man follow his love of a sport and to arrive at such an important moment. I have no doubt very many people wished him well and were proud of him.


It’s an interesting game – like snooker, it’s one that is good to watch on TV and we can focus very easily on the action and on the board. We rejoice with the 180’s and marvel at the Bullseye and those moments when the player directs the dart to the particular numbers needed to win a game.


There is much skill involved and the slightest distraction can all too easily leave the dart outside of its intended destination. A priest spoke a number of years ago about having a parish meeting with some young people. He was trying to explain sin to them. He was using a specific term that was not easy to grasp and when asked what it meant, he said it was like “missing the mark”.


A young man said “A bit like playing darts Father”. The priest said he had never thought of it like that but that the young man was right. Sin is to do with missing the mark.


We know where the dart needs to land but somehow, through distraction perhaps, we miss the mark.

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