On September 12th my nephew and his wife welcomed their new baby. Three days later, I was in their home when they arrived with their little daughter, Grace.

“Would you like to hold her?” I was asked and the answer was yes. I held her for a little while and hoped that, in time, she’d come to know me as someone who will love her and care for her as best I can. She won’t, thank God, be short of love.

As I was leaving, I looked at her hands as they rested on the blanket. So small but so, so perfect. I took her hand in mine and then decided to take a photo.

Maybe someday she might see it and know that I took her hand in mine the day she came home and, in the taking, commit with all my family to minding her and leading her, as best we can, along the road and future that awaits her.

Earlier that same day, I had placed my hand on the top of a young couple’s joined hands during their Wedding Mass in Gurteen. Their joined hands and the future they hoped for were blessed too.

There’s something being said this weekend about openness to give and take the hand and something being said about blessing.

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