Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 23rd December

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He was found dead. People spoke with genuine sorrow and more than a little regret. He kept to himself. He’d moved from England.

He used sit on a park bench and some would say hello to him. His little house seemed so small on the evening news. The houses around looked bigger but the TV camera is focused on his. He’s not there anymore. Someone walking the footpath in the middle of March noticed something and wondered.

The Emergency Services were called and they had to break in. The Christmas Tree was on in the kitchen and the Christmas decorations still up. He had been taken down but the decorations stayed in place. The camera focuses on a bit of tinsel. It’s sad of course but sadly understandable too. It could happen anywhere.

Some people are very private. They keep to themselves a lot. Maybe that’s the way they want it. We rush too and mightn’t always notice things. What’s happening on Coronation Street? Fair City? Neighbours? East Enders? Home and Away? It seems strange that we might know the ends and outs of these fictional places but very little about our own neighbours and community.

A Mercedes hearse takes him away – I wondered was it the first time he was ever in a Mercedes? You’d hope he had a Happy Christmas – he must have wanted one – he put up decorations.

God rest his Soul. There’s a thought here somewhere around “noticing” – not prying or interfering but noticing in a positive and caring way those around us.

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