On Divine Mercy Sunday there’s a call going out to us all to be kindly in our dealing with others, to avoid being judgmental or condemning.

We are asked to hear again and again Jesus’ first words in nearly all his post-resurrection appearances: “Peace be with you”.

Anything in us, about us or from us that is not encouraging “peace” is most likely not rooted in faith or a clear and thought out understanding of the Gospel message. We are born to live. We are baptized to belong. We are here to make a difference. What “locked room” can we walk into today or in the coming days?

Is it an ongoing row? Is it a strained relationship in the home? Is it a reluctance to acknowledge our own sinfulness and need for repentance? Is it doubt? What locked door stands between us and peace right now? We need to be honest enough with ourselves and others to recognise and name this door and we need faith, hope and every ounce of love that is within us to find the key, unlock and set free what is trapped within.

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