Whose head is on the coin? They told him “Caesar’s” and he said “Very well, give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

Was this a discussion about the separation of Church and State? It’s hard to know but
something important was being said.

Whether this exchange was a debate around church and state is open for discussion but there can be no doubt that it is a debate that has exercised many minds, produced many words and caused many rows. There’s a real reluctance to allow any religious input into the discussion.

Sometimes this reluctance has the tendency to lead us down a path of distrust, hostility or both.

Increasingly the word of the believing man or woman – the Church – becomes unwelcome and is seen as an interference rather than an attempt to allow for another point of view. The voice of the Church can all too easily be stifled, ridiculed and resented. All the while it remains a valid and the representative voice that, at the very least, merits a hearing.

God and Caesar; Church and State – all have a voice and a vital part in the conversation.

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