Where do I find a quiet place to spend some time with the Lord?

Is there a monastery or an island that I can escape to, so that distractions are limited, time is given and He is met? Must I abandon my family, my responsibility, my job? Do I need to set hours or days aside? Where is the quiet place?

Maybe it’s everyplace! First thought of the day or last one at night! The children dropped off at school and Mass at 9.30. Maybe it’s turning off the radio for a few minutes or leaving down the phone. It could just be a few words, thoughts – prayer.

There’s no doubt, it’s needed. To clear the head, free the mind open the heart, nourish the Soul.

It can be as organised as a pilgrimage or as unplanned as a hiccup but, be sure of this, it is necessary.

Take a minute or two in the days to come.


The difference

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