Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 21st January


There’s a huge amount of patience and faith required, alongside skill and determination. Often, the one fishing can sit for hours without even getting a bite.

On other occasions, he or she might be reeling in only to feel the line go slack as the “catch” makes its way off the hook and with the bait.

There’s almost a healthy respect between the fisher and the intended catch that says “he’s welcome to it”!! The desire remains though to catch and bring home some food for the table – food, the fruits of work and leisure, to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Food that nourishes and satisfies, fills and enlivens. There’s a bit of the fisher in us all. We want to cast out and reel in. We want to bring something to the table, and make a difference.

Sometimes we have to be able to let go, let the line go slack but the desire to catch should never be lost.

There’s work to be done. There’s a difference to be made.

Patience and Faith.

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