As we begin the month of October, we are reminded that it is a month associated with the Rosary – a call, a-fresh perhaps – to spend some time with this prayer.

Many of you say it daily, if not numerous times in the day. For others, it might be less frequent. It remains quite a prayer.

There’s a lovely line in the song “The Isle of Innisfree” that speaks of “on bended knee, a rosary is told”. The “telling” is crucial for the role of the Rosary is, in many ways, to tell us the story of Christ’s Life, Death and Resurrection. Pope St John Paul 11 added a series of
mysteries in what he called “The Luminous Mysteries” and these were to help focus our thoughts on some of the miracles and wonders associated with Jesus’ Public Ministry. Might it be an idea during the Month of the Holy Rosary to set aside a bit of “parish” time to think
about and pray the Rosary? A suggestion and invitation then to join in praying the Rosary as “parish”

  • Sunday October 1st, Kilkelly at 6pm (Joyful Mysteries)
  • Sunday October 8th, Urlaur at 6pm (Luminous Mysteries)
  • Sunday October 22nd, Kilmovee at 6pm (Sorrowful Mysteries)
  • Sunday October 29th, Glann at 6pm (Glorious Mysteries)

We might look at imaginative ways of praying these mysteries together.

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