Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 19th November


The dimension of reciprocity is emphasized in the logo of the World Day of the Poor.

There is an open door, on the threshold of which are found, two people. Both extend a hand; one to ask for help, the other with the intention of providing it.

In the end, it is difficult to figure out which of the two is the true poor person. or, better, both are poor. The one who holds out his hand to enter asks for sharing; the one who holds out his hand to help is invited to go out to share.

These are two extended hands that are found wherever someone offers something. Two
hands that express solidarity and that prompt a person not to remain in the doorway, but to go to encounter the other.

The poor person can enter the house, once the person in the house has understood that help means sharing.

The words that Pope Francis wrote in his Message become all the more meaningful in this context:

“Blessed are the hands that reach beyond every barrier of culture, religion and nationality, and pour the balm of consolation over the wounds of humanity. Blessed are the open hands that ask nothing in exchange, with no “ifs” or “buts” or “maybes”: They are hands that call down God’s blessing upon their brothers and sisters” (n.5)

See the Fureys in Kilmovee

Legends of Irish music & song The FUREYS will perform their first concert in their 40th Anniversary year at Kilmovee Community Centre on Friday 5th January 2018.

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