Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 19th June


Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 19th June

We all grew up with the word “don’t”! Our parents, teachers, priests and others that we considered leaders and shapers in our lives, told us “don’t do this, that or the other”.

The word “don’t” was often enough for the child and when the “don’t” was crossed there seemed to be a price to be paid.

That said our response to and respect for the “don’t” was more than likely rooted in fear rather than choice, conforming rather than conviction and had little to do with a belief that it was the right thing.

As we moved on in life, many of the choices once made for us had to be made on our own. We moved from ones guided by others to people who had to make our own choices.

I recently met a young driver, coming to terms with the first car and enjoying it. It was amusing to hear words around where fuel is cheapest. Months, never mind years ago, such concerns could not be further from the mind.

When behind the wheel though, when the car is our responsibility and the filling of the tank hits our pockets, the “cents per litre” take on more relevance.

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