As we celebrate the great Miracle at the Cana Wedding Feast, we thank the Lord for his presence and intervention in our lives.

There’s a story told of a man, cynical about religion, challenging a friend who lived his faith. “If you believe in the Lord”, the man said as he passed him jug of water, “ask your Jesus to turn that into wine!” The other refused but his friend insisted “if you truly believe in Jesus and his miracles, ask him to do this and I too will believe. Let me see one of the miracles you all talk so much about”.

The other man said nothing for a while, much to the annoyance and amusement of his cynical friend. Then he said, “I believe in miracles. I’ve experienced miracles. Can we leave it at that?” “No,” the other insisted, “let me see the miracle of the water being turned into wine”. “I’ll not do that or ask for that”, said the other. “For much of my earlier life I battled with alcohol and it won every time. Then one day, in prayer I asked Jesus for a miracle and on that day, for me, he turned wine to water”.

Miracles take many forms!

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