As mentioned a few times in recent weeks, the timing between weekend Masses is a little short when one priest is celebrating both.

This will become more of an issue as we face into the winter and the possibility of icy conditions. This was discussed at our Parish Pastoral Council Meeting during the week.

The suggestion is that we would schedule an hour and a half between Masses to allow for travel and maybe the need to spend time with people after Mass.

From November 4th/5th then, the Mass Times will be as follows: Vigil Mass in Urlaur will be at 6.30pm and in Glann it will remain at 8.00pm.

On Sunday the Kilmovee Mass will remain at 10.00am with the Mass in Kilkelly being moved on fifteen minutes to 11.30am.

We can re-visit this if need be but, for now, it seems the best option. For those who might have Masses arranged, we ask that you let family members know of the change of times.

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