On Tuesday last, there was a ceremony of blessing at the Kilmovee Swimming Pool.

This weekend sees a Family Fun Day organised by the Swimming Pool Committee.

Both these events were organised to mark the 40th Anniversary of the opening of Kilmovee Swimming Pool. It is an occasion worthy of celebration and an achievement deserving a community’s pride.

There was a wonderful vision in seeing the potential offered by the flowing waters of a river and a bridge to be crossed. Somewhere and somehow this was not alone noticed but remembered and not alone remembered but acted upon.

“There’s more here than meets the eye” and the dream of having a place where people could swim and learn to swim in safety was realised.

For four decades this amenity has been developed and attended to, to the point where now it is a truly established piece of the community’s fabric.

Countless children have learned to swim here and many more have gone on to become “Life Guards”, reassuring the novice that he or she is in good care.

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