It’s a sight to behold when someone “shines” on a given day.

A bride for example, seems to catch all, even her husband-to-be, by surprise as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day.

A child in a school play, who finds the lines and delivers them with enthusiasm and innocence, shines brighter than any spotlight could achieve.

The relief when medical tests assure the worried man or woman that “all is indeed well”. Shining, at moments like these, reveals an inner self that can often be hidden. It’s there though.

This inner reality that is at the core of all we are about and really makes us who we are. Like the onion, layers peeled away, the true flavour and value are revealed.

A thought then around belief in the goodness of the inner-self. Especially in uncertain times and on darkened days, may we retain belief, absolute belief, in the power and glory of God revealed in all its brightness when most required.

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