These names are found on a monument to the memory of men from Mayo who died and on a website listing all the available names of those who died.

It is certain there are other names, we allow space for them too. We list them here, on the centenary of Armistice Day, with a prayer for the happy repose of their Souls and a prayer for peace in our times.

There is so much to be lost through violence and it is our calling to be people of peace.

  • Private Edward Boyle, Kilkelly
  • Private Patrick Cuddy, Kilkelly
  • Private James Doherty, Kilmovee
  • Guardsman Patrick Duffy, Kilmovee
  • Private Richard Forkin, Kilmovee
  • Private John Harrington, Kilkelly
  • Private Edward Higgins, Kilmovee
  • Private Martin Higgins, Kilmovee
  • Sergeant Dominick Jordan, Kilmovee
  • Rifleman James Judge, Kilmovee
  • Private Thomas Kearns, Kilkelly
  • Private Patrick Kelly, Kilmovee
  • Private James Kenneally, Kilkelly
  • Private John Mannion, Kilmovee
  • Private Matthew Mullen, Kilmovee
  • Private J Mulligan, Kilmovee
  • Private Michael Walsh, Kilmovee


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