This weekend’s gospel passage sees St Peter throwing himself on the ground in front of Jesus and saying:


“Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man”. It happened after Peter and his companions had spent a night fishing and caught nothing.


The next day Jesus told them to throw out their nets again and when they did, the caught hundreds of fish. Realising himself to be in the presence of holiness, Peter felt unworthy and encouraged the Lord to leave him.


The Lord did not leave him. More than that, he called him to his feet and reassured him that he had a special role to play in life. The Lord does not turn his back on any of us, no matter how unworthy we might be or feel.


He continues to call us to stand up, to walk with him and for him so that a difference can be made.


The Lord is going nowhere – He is with us and for us at all times.!



We have the Kilmovee parish bulletin for you to download, it is in PDF format so you may need a reader such as Adobe (others available).

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