As we approach the end of the year and look to the year ahead, people will consider arranging Masses.

With the change in personnel and the re-structuring of Masses during the week, might I ask that people will, whenever possible, arrange to have Mass at one of the daily Masses (Monday to Friday)

Weekend Masses will also be available, with Vigil Masses in Urlaur and Glann and Sunday Masses in Kilmovee and Kilkelly. It is hoped that we will not have Saturday Morning Masses. With two Masses already on Saturday evenings, there should be no need to have a Saturday morning Mass.

We will see how this goes but insofar as possible, we will not have Masses on Saturday mornings. Again, thank you for your ongoing understanding and co-operation.

Christmas Mass Times:


  • St Joseph’s, Urlaur at 6.30pm
  • St Patrick’s Glann at 8.00pm


  • Immaculate Conception Kilmovee at 10.00am
  • St Celsus’ Kilkelly at 11.30am

Each week we have the Kilmovee parish bulletin for you to download, it is in PDF format so you may need a reader such as Adobe (others available).

Don’t forget to include us when you send information to the Kilmovee parish bulletin (or invite us to your event) use the contact page or send us an email to

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