Kilmovee Info – Site Update


Ok, the site has changed you know that by now… I have put together a little explainer for you.

But first, another benefit of registering FREE for your account is that the #AD’s disappear, you will no longer see adverts on the site… bonus!

I have also reduced the voluntary contribution form €5 per month to just €2, having had a little feedback from you guys thank you.

But don’t forget the site is still free, you’ll have access to the photos with an account and there is no obligation to pay for membership, however by showing your appreciation and choosing the ‘paid’ membership that will assist with the costs. 

Once you’re registered, let’s take you through a few features on Kilmovee Info:

1. Stream – this is your news feed just like Facebook/Twitter you, your friends and the blog feed can be found here

2. About – Here you can control your profile & who sees what

3. Blog – You can see the latest blog posts here, you can also ‘create’ a post by clicking on the tab Create

4. Membership – You can upgrade or downgrade your level here

5. Friends – This tab will allow you to check out who your friends are from our membership

6. Groups – You can join and create groups, great for organisations to keep members informed with short news

7. Photos – Your photos & albums

8. Media – Your shared videos

9. Preferences – Controls the notifications you get when people/friends interact with you

Watch out for more explainers in the coming days & weeks… Groups, Sharing & Liking, Commenting and so much more now available on Kilmovee Info.


Get involved!


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