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Over the last few months I have been requesting financial assistance to keep our community website online, the funds raised will barely meet the current cost of hosting for the next 6 months, so I have made a decision…

As you can tell by the headline it’s good news of sorts… I will be downscaling the site slightly and moving to another host* in the coming weeks, to get the most from the funds raised. This will have a positive effect on the site as it will be hosted a lot closer to home (preferably in Ireland but this is cost & service dependant) but it will at the very least be hosted in Europe, this will mean our visitors here and in Europe will benefit from faster speeds, I will also continue to use the CDN which will mean our friends around the world will benefit too.

This will relieve the pressure and will allow me to reflect on how I will develop the site in the long term.

The bad news is due to the mounting costs personally incurred since 2009, I will have to pause any potential extension of the site including the sub-domains I had spoken to some people about, I will be trimming a lot of old posts (this started today) I plan to keep about 500-750 posts on the site at any one time, the site will remain with a basic look and will rely a lot more on simpler things. I am still reviewing what will stay and what will go. Also I will be extending the timeline for publication from 24 hours to 36 (but in general I post news a lot faster than that anyway) this will just ease a little pressure too.

And finally for the bad news, I will be continuing to raise a reserve fund to cover future hosting, domain renewals, licences, equipment, development and for those unforeseen circumstances, as from July 1st 2016 I will no longer dip into my pocket. Whilst I am sad that it’s come to this I have to do what is necessary to ensure the future of this valuable resource.

Please help out wherever possible, if you or your a club/organisation has seen the benefits of the site and would like to contribute monthly/yearly towards the running costs or would like to even post your own updates to the site please get in touch [email protected] that would be greatly appreciated.

Back to the good news, Kilmovee Info will remain ‘free’ for everyone to use, I will continue updating & promoting the site and Kilmovee, attending as many events as possible and publishing the photos too.

Don’t forget to send in your news, information or views and invitations to your events. Also send in emails for assistance and I’ll forward them to the relevant people.

(* may result in downtime but I will try to keep this minimal)

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I established Kilmovee Info in 2009 which has now become the #1 point of contact for many community groups & clubs from the Parish. Along with news & information about whats happening Kilmovee Info attends events and publishes photos here and across our social media. #kilmovee

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